Best Car Insurance Companies for High-Risk Drivers


Best Car Insurance Companies for High-Risk Drivers often face challenges in finding affordable car insurance. Factors that classify someone as high-risk can include a history of traffic violations, at-fault accidents, DUI convictions, or even being a new driver. Despite these challenges, there are car insurance companies that specialize in providing coverage for high-risk drivers. In this article, we’ll explore 15 of the best car insurance companies for high-risk drivers, examining their unique offerings, benefits, and policies to help you make an informed decision.


GEICO is renowned for its competitive rates and comprehensive coverage options, making it a top choice for high-risk drivers. They offer multiple discounts, including those for safe driving, defensive driving courses, and vehicle safety features. GEICO also provides a user-friendly online platform for managing policies and claims, which is convenient for tech-savvy customers.

State Farm

State Farm is one of the largest and most well-known insurance providers in the United States. They offer tailored policies for high-risk drivers, emphasizing personalized customer service and extensive agent networks. Their Drive Safe & Save™ program can help reduce premiums by monitoring driving behavior through a mobile app.


Progressive stands out for its willingness to insure high-risk drivers and its usage-based insurance program, Snapshot®. By tracking your driving habits, Snapshot® can potentially lower your premiums if you demonstrate safe driving. Progressive also offers a range of coverage options and discounts, making it a versatile choice.


Allstate provides specialized coverage for high-risk drivers through its Safe Driving Bonus® program, accident forgiveness, and new car replacement options. They also offer the Drivewise® app, which rewards safe driving with discounts. Allstate’s comprehensive coverage and extensive discounts can make insurance more affordable for high-risk drivers.

The General

The General is known for providing insurance to high-risk drivers who might have difficulty obtaining coverage elsewhere. They offer flexible payment options, instant online quotes, and coverage for drivers with poor credit or a history of accidents and violations. The General is a solid option for those needing immediate and straightforward insurance solutions.


Esurance, a subsidiary of Allstate, emphasizes convenience and technology. They provide a wide range of coverage options tailored to high-risk drivers, with the added benefit of easy online policy management. Esurance offers a unique app that monitors driving behavior and provides feedback, potentially lowering premiums for safe driving.


Nationwide is another top choice for high-risk drivers due to its Vanishing Deductible® program, which reduces your deductible by $100 for each year of safe driving. They also offer accident forgiveness and a range of discounts, including multi-policy and good student discounts. Nationwide’s comprehensive coverage options and financial strength make it a reliable insurer.

Farmers Insurance

Farmers Insurance provides specialized coverage for high-risk drivers, with options like accident forgiveness and decreasing deductibles. They also offer a variety of discounts, including those for safe driving and bundling multiple policies. Farmers’ extensive network of agents ensures personalized service and support.


SafeAuto focuses on providing minimum liability coverage for high-risk drivers, making it an affordable option. They offer flexible payment plans and immediate proof of insurance. SafeAuto is ideal for drivers looking for basic coverage to meet state requirements without breaking the bank.


Dairyland is known for insuring high-risk drivers, including those with DUIs, multiple violations, or no prior insurance history. They offer flexible payment options, SR-22 filings, and a range of coverage options. Dairyland’s focus on high-risk drivers ensures they understand and cater to the unique needs of this demographic.

Infinity Insurance

Infinity Insurance specializes in non-standard auto insurance, providing coverage for high-risk drivers with poor credit or multiple violations. They offer a variety of discounts and flexible payment plans, making it easier to manage insurance costs. Infinity’s tailored approach ensures coverage that meets the specific needs of high-risk drivers.

Bristol West

Bristol West, a subsidiary of Farmers Insurance, offers coverage specifically designed for high-risk drivers. They provide comprehensive coverage options, flexible payment plans, and SR-22 filings. Bristol West’s commitment to high-risk drivers makes them a dependable choice for those with a challenging driving history.

Acceptance Insurance

Acceptance Insurance caters to high-risk drivers by offering a variety of coverage options and SR-22 filings. They provide flexible payment plans and discounts for policyholders who maintain continuous coverage. Acceptance’s focus on high-risk drivers ensures they offer tailored solutions to meet their unique needs.

National General

National General offers a wide range of insurance products, including specialized coverage for high-risk drivers. They provide accident forgiveness, flexible payment options, and discounts for safe driving. National General’s comprehensive approach and strong financial stability make them a reliable choice for high-risk drivers.

Mendota Insurance

Mendota Insurance specializes in providing non-standard auto insurance for high-risk drivers. They offer flexible payment options, SR-22 filings, and a variety of coverage choices. Mendota’s focus on high-risk drivers ensures they understand and cater to the specific needs of this market.


Finding the right car insurance as a high-risk driver can be challenging, but there are several companies that specialize in providing coverage for individuals with less-than-perfect driving records. These companies offer tailored policies, flexible payment plans, and various discounts to help make car insurance more affordable and accessible. When choosing an insurer, consider factors such as customer service, financial stability, and the availability of discounts to find the best policy for your needs.


Q1: What makes a driver high-risk?

A1: High-risk drivers typically have a history of traffic violations, at-fault accidents, DUI convictions, or are new or young drivers. Poor credit scores can also contribute to a high-risk classification.

Q2: Can high-risk drivers get affordable car insurance?

A2: Yes, high-risk drivers can find affordable car insurance by shopping around, comparing quotes, and taking advantage of discounts offered by insurers specializing in high-risk policies.

Q3: What is an SR-22 filing?

A3: An SR-22 is a certificate of financial responsibility required by the state for high-risk drivers who have been convicted of certain violations, such as DUIs or driving without insurance. It proves that the driver has the minimum required insurance coverage.

Q4: How can high-risk drivers lower their insurance premiums?

A4: High-risk drivers can lower their premiums by maintaining a clean driving record, completing defensive driving courses, bundling insurance policies, and opting for usage-based insurance programs that reward safe driving.

Q5: Are there discounts available for high-risk drivers?

A5: Yes, many insurance companies offer discounts for high-risk drivers, including those for safe driving, completing defensive driving courses, installing safety features in the vehicle, and maintaining continuous coverage.

Q6: Can high-risk drivers switch insurance companies?

A6: Yes, high-risk drivers can switch insurance companies to find better rates or coverage options. It’s important to compare quotes and understand the terms of the new policy before making a switch.

Q7: How do usage-based insurance programs work?

A7: Usage-based insurance programs, like Progressive’s Snapshot®, monitor your driving habits through a mobile app or a device installed in your car. Safe driving behaviors can lead to lower premiums, rewarding drivers for cautious and responsible driving.

Q8: Is it difficult for high-risk drivers to get comprehensive coverage?

A8: While it can be more challenging for high-risk drivers to get comprehensive coverage, many insurers specialize in providing such coverage to high-risk individuals. It’s important to shop around and compare options to find the best fit.

Q9: What is accident forgiveness?

A9: Accident forgiveness is a feature offered by some insurance companies that prevents your rates from increasing after your first at-fault accident. It can be particularly beneficial for high-risk drivers.

Q10: Why do high-risk drivers pay more for insurance?

A10: High-risk drivers pay more for insurance because they are statistically more likely to file claims. Insurers charge higher premiums to offset the increased risk associated with insuring these drivers.


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